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So, who all's going? :D

Also, is anyone going to Eastercon next year? It's in the Radisson Edwardian Hotel, Heathrow, Fri 21st - Mon 24th March (the Easter weekend). Guest of honour is Neil Gaiman (Sandman, Neverwhere, American Gods, and many others), and other guests include Tanith Lee, antipope and China Miéville. It's great fun, a chance to meet up with literally lots of fans, writers, behind-the-scenes people etc, and get outrageously drunk sampling a wide range of real ales and other strange concoctions. :D

It's currently £55 (£45 for students), the hotel is £84 per night for a twin/double room, and flights currently start at £59 return to Stanstead (plus transfers) or £87 going straight into Heathrow from Belfast. I think it'd be great to get a group of us going over and flying the flag (banner?) for the QUB Sci-Fi Society, Belfast Sci-Fi fandom in general and, of course, MeCon. :-)

MeCon 10 - Final Reminder!!!

MeCon 10
Queen's Elms Centre, 78 Malone Road (just past the Spar filling station)
Be there or be somewhere else!Collapse )

Weekend: £20
Friday: £5
Saturday: £12
Sunday: £7
It is with great sadness I have to inform you that Peter Morwood and Diane Duane will not now be attending. Peter's mother passed away peacefully in her sleep on Monday morning after a long illness, and unsurprisingly attendance at a convention goes waaaaaaay down the list of priorities. I'm sure you will all join me in sending our condolencies to Peter at this difficult time.

Additionally, due to technical difficulties the James White Awards will not now be taking place at MeCon 10. This has left a gap in proceedings on Saturday evening, which will be filled by the MeCon Casino Night! Fancy your luck on the roulette wheel? Or maybe Blackjack's more your style? Or are you a secret Poker shark? Join us as we bring a little bit of Vegas to Belfast! :)

Today is the absolute last day for reserving a room at the Elms Halls, and there is still one room remaining, single accommodation , B&B, £30 per night. If you would like to reserve it, please let me know ASAP by e-mail to meconbelfast at yahoo dot co dot uk.

Single day rates will be available at the door if you only want to come for one day. These are:
Friday: £5
Saturday: £12
Sunday: £7

Doors open at 7pm (well, probably actually a good bit earlier than that, but that's the official opening!), so I'll see you there! :)

More MeCon!

MeCon 10 begins in less than 3 weeks! We have a fantastic line-up of guests, including our guest of honour Iain M Banks, as well as the James White Awards Ceremony on Saturday evening, and panels*, talks* and discussions*, quizzes and games to keep you entertained and amused! And, of course, there is the ever-present bar! :)

Accommodation is still available at the Elms halls - single rooms, B&B, for £30 per night. If you require accommodation, please drop us a line on meconbelfast@yahoo.co.uk no later than Monday 30th July, as we will have to confirm numbers by then! Please note: accommodation will not be available on the day and must be pre-booked!

* A full list of the panels and discussions will appear in the next few days when the final details have been ironed out!

MeCon 10: 3rd - 5th August 2007, Queen's Elms Centre, 78 Malone Road, Belfast. Guest of Honour: Iain M Banks. Other Guests: Paul Cornell, Diane Duane, Paul J Holden, Ian McDonald, Leah Moore, Peter Morwood, C.E. Murphy, John Reppion, Alastair Reynolds. £18/€27 to 02 August, £20/€30 on the door.


Typical, you wait ages for a MeCon update, then 2 come together!

I'm delighted to announce that, subject to committment, both Diane Duane and Peter Morwood will be joining us at MeCon 10 in August! It will be wonderful to have both of them at MeCon, especially as Ireland's indigenous wildlife prevented them from attending MeCon 9 at the last minute!

MeCon 10, 3rd - 5th August 2007, Queen's Elms Centre, Belfast. Guest of Honour: Iain M Banks Other Guests: Paul Cornell, Diane Duane, Ian McDonald, Leah Moore, Peter Morwood, C E Murphy, John Reppion and Alastair Reynolds. £18 before 3rd August, £20 on the door


MeCon 10 is quickly approaching (sometimes it seems a little too quickly!), so here's a quick update!

As some of you might have read in Ansible, Michael Scott Rohan had to have surgery in March to get a pacemaker fitted, and is in recuperation at home. Sadly, this means that he will be unable to attend. We at MeCon wish him all the best for his recovery.

Congratulations to Paul Cornell for his recent Doctor Who 2-parter "Human Nature/Family of Blood", one of the best-received stories in the entire run of new Who. If you want a bit of a quality read, his original novel is available on-line here. :)

Just a quick reminder that rooms are still available in the Elms Halls. These are single rooms, B&B, and will cost £30per night. There are only a limited number available, so if you want one let me know on meconbelfast at yahoo dot co dot uk.

More later. :)

MeCon 10, 3rd - 5th August 2007, Queen's Elms Centre, Belfast. Guest of Honour: Iain M Banks Other Guests: Paul Cornell, Ian McDonald, Leah Moore, C E Murphy, John Reppion and Alastair Reynolds. £18 before 3rd August, £20 on the door

MeCon 10 Update

Hi there! Captain Lucy here with the first in what will hopefully be a (semi) regular series of updates on MeCon 10's progress as we draw ever closer to 3rd August! Without any further ado, and because it is desperately overdue, here's a quick guide to just who you can meet and buy drinks for at MeCon 10!

We are delighted that our Guest of Honour is the wonderful Iain M Banks, author of ten Sci-Fi novels including "Consider Phlebas", "Use of Weapons" and "The Algebraist", and, as Iain Banks, a straight dozen Fiction novels including "The Wasp Factory", "The Crow Road" and his latest offering "The Steep Approach to Garbdale". Iain is a wonderful guest at any convention, and we are privileged to have him at MeCon 10.

Our other guests are:

Paul Cornell, writer of a huge amount of quality television ranging from Doctor Who through to Casualty, author of novels “British Summertime” and “Something More”, and creator of Woman Of My Dreams, Professor Bernice Summerfield!

Ian McDonald, a regular guest at MeCon, author of (among others) "Desolation Road", "Sacrifice of Fools", "River of Gods" and his new novel "Brasyl" which is released in June 2007

Leah Moore and John Reppion, now firmly established as leading lights of British Comics writing, their work includes "Albion" (plotted by Leah's father, Alan Moore), "Witchblade" and new Zombie comic "Raising the Dead" (out shortly!)

Alastair Reynolds, author of 'hard' Sci-Fi novels such as "Revelation Space", "Redemption Ark" and his new novel, "The Prefect" which comes out in April

Michael Scott Rohan, author of the "Winter of the World" series (“The Anvil of Ice”, “The Forge in the Forest”, “The Hammer Of The Sun”, “The Castle of the Winds” and “The Singer and the Sea”) and "The Spiral" series of fantasy novels, and Sci-Fi novel "Run To The Stars"

And I am very pleased to announce that the excellent C.E. Murphy, author of "Urban Shaman", "Thunderbird Falls" and new novel “Coyote Dreams”, will, fate permitting, also be joining us at MeCon 10!

(All guests, of course, appear subject to commitment)

With just under five months to go now, things are slowly starting to build up momentum here at MeCon Towers. For those budding writers out there, we are pleased to announce that MeCon 10 will be hosting this year's James White Award, with the ceremony taking place on Saturday evening. We're already dreaming up questions for our grimly fiendish quizzes to work those little grey cells, and we're also wracking our brains to come up with fun and interesting panels for your entertainment. If there is something you really want to see in a panel, drop us a line and we'll do our best!

Watch this space for further updates as and when they happen!


MeCon 10

MeCon 10, 3rd – 5th August 2007, Queen’s Elms Centre, 78 Malone Road, Belfast. Guest of Honour: Iain M Banks. Other guests: Paul Cornell ; Ian McDonald ; Leah Moore ; C.E. Murphy ; Alastair Reynolds ; John Reppion ; Michael Scott Rohan Membership only £16 (€24) until Monday 9th April, when it rises to £18 (€27)! Or buy a supporting membership for only £5 (€8)!!!


So, are any of the Mecon people contemplating travelling South for P-CON IV in March?

Doctor Who for the Top 40

Paul Cornell sent me this:

I'd like to recommend that between now and Saturday you go to your favourite legal audio downloading service and buy (for around 79p) Love Don't Roam by Neil Hannon (of The Divine Comedy), which was featured in this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special (during the dancing at the wedding reception). As The Sun and The Guardian have already noted, there's a fan-based campaign, now that the Top 40 chart rules have changed to allow downloads without a single release to get in, to make this Murray Gold–penned Northern Soul dance number a hit. And thus demonstrate to the world what Doctor Who fans working together can do.

Sounds good to me, so if someone can suggest a few sites for downloading stuff, I'll go buy a copy for myself. I urge you all to do the same, and to spread the word as widely as you can.
Tuesday 14th November 2006, 21:00hrs
Mark Lawson Talks to: Iain M Banks
Followed by Episodes 1 & 2 of "The Crow Road"

More information at http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcfour/features/sfb.shtml

Definitely worth a watch! :)

Cross-posted to, oooh, lots of places!

(EDIT: Not Mark Lawrenson. That would be fun, discussing how the Culture interpret the offside rule...)


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