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Northern Irelands' Science Fiction Convention
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Welcome to MeCon, Northern Irelands Premier Science Fiction Convention. This is a chance to meet people like Iain M Banks, Ian McDonald, Juliet E McKenna, Robert Rankin, Peter F Hamilton, Michael Sheard, Harry Harrison and James White who have been previous Guests of Honour at the past 10 MeCons. If you've attended previous MeCons and have any pictures or stories to share, please feel free to put them here!

Mecon7 Attendees

Want to be a x-ray technician?

MeCon XI - Unicon XXII
29 - 31 August 2008
Queen's University Belfast, Students Union, Belfast.

GUEST OF HONOUR Charlie Stross


Michael Carroll
Paul Cornell
Paul J Holden
John McCrea
Ian McDonaldianmcdonald
John Vaughn

(Please note - all guest appearances are subject to availability and work commitment.)


£15/€22 Full Weekend
£10/€15 Concession
Supporting membership is a mere £5 (€8),
and will freeze the membership at the rate it was when you booked.
Basic booking form may be printed from here

Some of the commitee can be reached through livejournal

The Convention Chair serenityfire
Vice Chair captainlucy
Vice Chair sideswipe9th
Entertainment Officer Assistant wardrobewitch

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Recombination - Union, BRScon, HarmUni - 10-12 August 2007

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